Hi my name is Josephine and I’m a counsellor at Change.

Why did you decide to become a solution focused counsellor?

I discovered solution focused therapy while I was studying therapeutic counselling at college, and I was struck immediately by how empowering it felt to use this approach; both for myself and for the person speaking with me. From that first session onwards I resolved to learn more, so that I could practise solution focused therapy in such a way that it fits perfectly with other types of counselling.

So, what makes the therapy at Change different from other types of therapy, and how does solution focused therapy work?

The simple answer is that the people in the therapy room – it doesn’t have to be one person, we work with families, couples friends – use the session time to explore how a situation that is painful and seemingly impossible to deal with, can transform into something manageable, or into something else everyone prefers!


In a session, a description of what has happened to cause the person to seek therapy is important. But at Change we see problems as containing clues about how things can be different for people; we see problems as bridges, instead of blocks.