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Here, at Change, we work hard to provide free counselling to all who need it in Birmingham and the wider areas. Unfortunately we cannot help everyone in need. We would be very grateful if you would donate a minimum of £5 to us, so we can fund our services to reach the people who really need our help.

Case Study

The client was desperate. Her teenage son with autism became suicidal during lockdown. She was having to sit up with him all night and felt she was neglecting the rest of her family. The counsellor helped her to recognise that she had already advocated successfully for her son and he was starting to receive the support he needs.

She has been able to manage her anxiety, share the family responsibilities more and get the support that she needs from friends, family and the Autism West Midlands parent support group. After the 3rd counselling session, her wellbeing scores improved from 34 to 52.

Change Birmingham Brief Therapy was established in Birmingham, England in 1991. We’ve since provided training and free counselling within our community and beyond.


We Need Your Help!!!

We are looking for volunteers to take time out of their day to help fundraise for us so we can continue to provide free counselling sessions. If you are interested, please get in contact with us.

Case Study

The client had several mental health conditions. 18 months ago, she fled a high risk domestic abuse relationship and was concerned for the welfare of her 3 year old son, who remained with his father. With the support and encouragement of the counsellor, procedural advice and contact numbers, the client contacted the police.

Her son was immediately removed into her care, criminal proceedings against her partner will follow. The client is now fully engaged with her GP and further counselling and said the sessions had improved her confidence and self-esteem, enabling her to take the action necessary to safeguard her son and improve her own wellbeing.

Case Study

The client was overwhelmed by the stress of starting a new job during lockdown and supporting her 3 year old daughter and husband, who was suicidal due to managing symptoms of a chronic illness. The counsellor supported the client to negotiate temporary reduced working hours, set strict work boundaries and adopt anxiety management and self-care techniques.

The client said that she had regained her confidence in her professional abilities, felt more able to manage her work/life balance and look after herself so that she can better support her husband and child. At the end of the sessions, the client’s wellbeing scores increased from 34 to 46.

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