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Change Birmingham Brief Therapy offers short term counselling to individuals, who choose support, in a solution focused way. We support individuals who need help with issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, relationships, suicidal thoughts, and abuse.

As a charity, we work in partnership with other organisations within our community to build upon its already established name and standing within the community.

Solution Focused Therapy is simple, short-term, highly effective and accessible to all, as well as being a very versatile approach. Solution focused Therapy changes lives.

We want to reach everyone, everywhere in Birmingham and beyond, to help them deal with the difficulties that are limiting their lives.

Solution Focused Therapy changes lives.



To relieve the needs of individuals who are experiencing emotional and/or psychological issues, in particular by the provision of Solution Focused Therapy and counselling services.

To advance the educational and training in the practice and use of that therapy amongst its counsellors and the general public.


For the solution focused approach to be practised throughout the mental health field

To be recognised as a National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) approved therapy

For the public to be well informed of the methodology to make an informed choice about their psychological support


When I discovered solution focused, I had the feeling that I was coming home. The language in solution focused practice is accessible to all. Even during the first session, we see the client’s perspective change. As we help them discover their strengths and resources, they recognise how successful they have been in dealing with the pressures of life.

– Clive Whittaker (Director)

Change, as an organisation, has always provided such a warm and welcoming environment for me to work in and has grown from strength to strength over the years. I certainly made the right choice when leaving the field of education and entering into a new career of counselling and management. This is because of the huge level of support always provided by my colleagues. Learning and implementing the solution focused approach in both my work and personal life has really shaped a different outlook; it helps how I engage with others around me to nurture more proactive responses when faced with challenging situations.

– Roshna Mistry (Practice Manager)

Thanks so much for your support with our students – feedback has been incredibly positive. Students really appreciated how efficient you all were and as I said, many came back feeling very positive after previous negative experiences with different counsellors

– University of Birmingham School

What Makes Us Different

Change work with hundreds of clients every year, supporting them to make the changes they need to see in their lives. This is facilitated over 2-4 sessions, and it is rare that clients need all 4 sessions.

We help clients work towards their goals, develop strategies and help to move past what is causing their difficulties. Every year, we work with hundreds of people in acute distress. Our recent partnership with the Birmingham Mind Crisis Helpline and Talking Space Centres have proved to be effective in reducing the number of people using A&E during a mental health crisis. We provide timely, effective, and successful support.

Future Plans

Employee Assistance Programme Services

Change Birmingham Brief Therapy currently holds a partnership with the Local Trust, whereby several members of the counselling team are contracted to provide and run the staff counselling service across the 4 hospital sites. Change Birmingham Brief Therapy would like to develop more of these contracts, to generate income that is not time and revenue limited, such as commissioner and charity funding. Through this service, Change would be able to provide employee counselling (face to face or telephone), workshops and training to employees at all levels of an organisation

Eating Disorders Service

Change Birmingham Brief Therapy has recently started a pilot with the local eating disorders support unit.

The target group for this service would initially be 18-25 year olds and the impact would be investigated in a pilot project, with key clients identified by the nurse lead within the clinic. This pilot, along with evidence from other solution focused projects in eating disorder units, would be used to support bids for funding in order to provide continued support to this group and potentially expand the service.

Client Voice & Awareness Raising

To increase the awareness of Solution Focused Therapy and ways of working, Change Birmingham Brief Therapy intends to increase its presence on social media. By providing opportunities for clients to become involved with the organisation, Change hopes to increase awareness of its work beyond key referrers, developing a stronger public presence supporting its bid for NICE approval. One avenue is the development of a forum for clients and partners to meet with local MPs to discuss the impact of working with Change, to gain their support and promote the services.

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