Solution focused counselling accepts that the client has reached out for support due to difficulties being present, but these issues do not need to be explored in depth to help the client move forwards. Instead, the approach focuses on how the client is managing despite the problem, and the strategies, resources and people that are helping them to cope. It helps the client to remember their own resilience and that the problem is a piece of a larger picture.

The client is seen as the expert in the room and the counsellor is there to help and support the client. Together, they collaborate on a dialogue about what the client would like to be different and what this may be achieved.

Case Study

The client was very unhappy and felt unable to engage with his family. The counsellor helped him to see that there were many things in his life that he valued.

After the 3rd session, he said that he felt 75% better, recognising that he is a resilient person, who will be better prepared to face future challenges. He now intends to volunteer to help others in crisis.

Counselling for Young People

Many young people have troubles that they feel unable to share. When they talk to their friends about their feelings, they can often feel it is difficult to put their feelings into words. This may cause youth to internalise their troubles and keep their feelings bottled up inside.

Solution focused therapy deals creatively with ways of overcoming problems. We seek ways that people are familiar with and build upon them. Our counsellors build trust by keeping everything they are told strictly confidential except where it indicates someone may be at risk of harm or when the young person requests others to be told.

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