Young Counselling

We Want To Help
Through years of working with young people, our counsellors understand the problems that young people are going through, allowing them to help them apply solutions. Very often simple problems grow much bigger when people don’t talk to each other and other people fear the worst, so that talking is even harder. Adults can seem hard to reach and scary to talk to. Many young people begin to think of themselves as being different and it is very difficult for them to deal with these thoughts without help.

Many young people have troubles that they are not able to talk about to adults.
When they talk to their friends about their feelings the words don’t come out
the right way and their friends don’t always listen well. This ends up with
them preferring to keep their troubles to themselves. This means that they keep
their feelings bottled up inside until they become unbearable. They get into trouble and their relationships with their friends break down.

How We Can Help
Many people have worked with our counsellors in only one session, sometimes more, learning to fix things for themselves really quickly. We work in quiet rooms without interruption, so that the counsellor and the young person can concentrate and make serious changes.

Solution-focused Brief Therapy, which is the method used by our counsellors deals with ways of solving the problem. We do not talk about the problem, as
this makes it harder to solve. We seek ways that people already use as solutions and build upon them.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy has amazingly quick results and works by switching someone from focusing on what is wrong in their lives to what is going well. It is very different from more traditional counselling approaches that require the client to talk about their past problems in depth and which can take between 6 months to several years to see positive results. Solution Focused Brief Therapy addresses the issues or problems the client is facing now and what they want to change in their lives. Working closely with the client, the counsellor helps them to find their own solutions to make these changes.

The counsellor will identify strengths and resources that the client already has (but may not be aware of them ). Many clients find Solution Focused Brief Therapy very positive and energising. Many leave the sessions with a fresh outlook and determination to work towards change.

Our counsellors keep everything they are told in confidence, unless it will lead to someone’s harm or the young person.

Contact Us
When you contact us we will take your name, address and contact number, plus a brief description of the issues you are facing. We will ask you to look for signs of change before you come to your first appointment. All our records are confidential– we do not give written reports to anyone – with or without your consent.

Please contact us here

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