Diploma Course


Change Diploma in Solution Focused Practice

Length of Course: 120 hours that includes guided learning, mentoring and supervision.

Cost of the course is £2280 including VAT.

Course Dates 2021: (Units will be added at a later date)

17th April 2021

22nd May 2021

19th June 2021

10th July 2021

11th September 2021


Diploma Level 5 More theory and mentored, supervised practice

Entry requirements: pass in Certificate level competence at level 3 in SF

Application Form


Unit 1. Sf in a wider context
Uses of SF in context, other approaches and interconnectivity, other ways of working eg, person centred and CBT and the crossover between them and SF

Unit 2. Family Issues
Social and workplace interaction, relationships, mediation, couple counselling, groupwork with young people, how SF can bring the best results

Unit 3. Language and Philosophy
Linguistics and post modernism. The role of social constructs in creating identity and how new useful identities can be constructed.

Unit 4. Coaching and Mentoring
Actual opportunities to work with clients and assess the effectiveness of the approach

Unit 5. Applications of Neuroscience Brain, emotion, learning and thinking in relation to SF
Assessment 70 hours of mentored practice of which 10 must be solo During this practice, journals must be kept in portfolio format for submission (not marked)
The candidate must submit a work of 3000 words (+/- 10%) having selected one technique or theory and complete a literature search using 5/6 articles published within last 5 years and critically analyse the articles and make recommendations regarding future practice.

The journal will be about their journey through the process of developing as a practitioner and their interactions with clients, mentors and supervisors, how the process impacted on them personally. Those learners who have their placement with Change will receive mentoring and supervision as part of the course. Distance learners may do so through Skype and other forms of communication or source support locally. There will be tutorials to support the academic work and seminars to support practice.

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