Group Counselling

Change offers specific Group Counselling sessions as follow:
Anger Management
Stress Management
Depression Management

What is Solution Focused (SF) Group Counselling?
SF Group Counselling provides an opportunity for a small group of people who are going through similar difficulties, to come together to share their experiences in coping with, managing and even overcoming these difficulties.

The group counsellor facilitates interaction within the group, through which goals are realised and solution strategies are identified, that precipitates action for moving forward.

The group members will be assured of confidentiality in the counselling service, and will be governed by ethical guidelines on how to keep each other’s information confidential. However, in exceptional circumstances i.e. threat to your life or someone else in your life, the group counsellor will decide to disclose the matter to their supervisors.

What do I talk about in SF Group Counselling?
Anything you want to share with the group. While your problems are heard, you will also be encouraged to talk about anything other than problems, i.e. your family, your friends, work, hobbies, plans and goals for the future etc. Through all that you share, strengths, quality, ideas and solutions will emerge. The counsellor will accordingly use conversational techniques to keep the group conversation on the solution focused track.

What are the advantages of SF group counselling?
By sharing each other’s coping strategies for similar problems, we can learn new ways of managing the problems. Through interacting with others in the group, new ideas might emerge that would help us to consider other possibilities for the future.

£20 per session per person. There are 6 sessions, which makes the total cost £120.

How to join:
Please contact us here, and indicate which specific group you would want to join. A staff will respond and register your request via email or over the phone.

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