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CHANGE Certificate in Solution Focused Practice

The Solution Focused approach is a method of communication/counselling in which dialogue is built on investigating solutions rather than investigating causes of problems, empowering the client to move forward rather than encouraging a lengthy dependency on the client-practitioner relationship. It acknowledges that each client may already be acting in a way that is not part of the problem and helps him or her to recognise this, encouraging more of this type of behaviour.

The Change Certificate in Solution Focused Practice provides an extended foundation-training course in SF skills and SF theories, which makes the Change Foundation the unit 1 of 4 of this Certificate course. The course is suitable for candidates wishing to prepare for higher level study and careers in counselling, social care and management etc. as well as those wishing to develop their skills as part of an existing job role.

Dates for 2018:

Unit 1 – 21st and 22nd April
Unit 2 – 19th and 20th May
Unit 3 – 23rd and 24th June
Unit 4 – 14th and 15th July

The Change Certificate Level 3

Practical Relevancy the four units comprise experiential learning Entry requirements: pass in foundation level in SF

Unit 1. Advanced Skills

Learning threads and appropriate questions
Most solution focused conversations entail asking effective questions, rather than making statements or giving advice. We use appreciative, respectful curiosity to create opportunities for the other person (or group) to think creatively about how to progress towards their goals. This unit involves the learners in role play discovery, looking in depth at how the basic structure of a session can be extrapolated and the conversation co-constructed to create that preferred future that the clients seek.

Unit 2. Working with young People Place and positioning

A large part of this unit explores child development and the reasons why SF works so well with younger adults in particular. The growth of ‘Youth Culture’ family influences and peer pressures are looks at in relation to 21st century life as a reality for the next generation.

Unit 3. Introduction to SF language Some aspects of philosophy

What postmodern philosophies teach us about how we construct a sense of identity through the language we use and how this influences the language in a solution focused session.

Unit 4. Ethics and Law Safeguarding, Children’s Acts, Capacity acts

Case studies and discussions about ethical dilemmas challenge the learners to examine their own understanding of the role of a practitioner within the constraints of professional life.

There is a critical analysis thread through all Four units with models of reflection, incorporating hope streams pre-and post-unit activities.
Assessment 10 minute recorded piece and written commentary of 500 words plus a reflective piece about their learning during the course of 1000 words
Learners can complete at level 3 Or continue with the diploma up to level 5

Course Fee
There are four units, four weekends.
£840.00 (incl. Vat) Single Payment or Installments

The course duration is for one academic semester spread over 4 weekends.

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