Staff Profile

The majority of Change’s staff are volunteers. They contribute their time, specialisms, professionalism and most of all their commitment in empowering others and their passion for the development of the Solution Focused approach that helps build a friendly and dynamic organisation as it is today.

Teresa Byrne

Clive Whittaker

Accountant & Treasurer:
Phil Hart

Practice Manager:
Roshna Mistry

Sonia Parveen, Janet Taylor, Anya Lawrence

Committee members:
Clive Whittaker, Pam Morley, Ethelrene Sinclair, Lina Acharya, Rose McDermott, Sonia Parveen, Fiona Taylor, Teresa Byrne, Anna Gascoyne, Maria Bisconti

Clive Whittaker, Myrle Blaine, Pam Morley, Joyce Edwards, Kevin Hogan, Roshna Mistry, Maria Bisconti, Paul Avard, Fiona Taylor, Teresa Byrne, Sonia Parveen, Anna Gascoyne, Rose Mcdermott, Callum Moore, Jonathon Salter

Clive Whittaker, Pam Morley, Kevin Hogan, Teresa Byrne, Roshna Mistry and Paul Avard

Clive Whittaker, Joyce Edwards

Clive Whittaker, Paul Avard, Dr Dean-David Holyoake, Dennis Lines, Teresa Byrne.

Website Developer
Andrew Inns Maximum Web Impact

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