SF Resources

What makes Change Birmingham Brief Therapy a centre of excellence for the Solution Focused Approach and Practice are:

the long years of its establishment (since 1991) in the West Midlands, England.

the specialisation and accumulated experience in using the SF approach.

the highly experienced and competent staff in the SF approach.

the continuous vision for the development of the SF approach.

the active involvements in the development of the SF approach locally and abroad.

All of the above are the good assets of Change that places Change as a credible SF Resources provider. They are:
Human Resources:
provision of trainers, counsellors, mentors and supervisors

Learning Resources:
training materials in the forms of training booklets, articles, papers, DVDs, and power points etc.

A Dialogue On SF Philosophy:
a series of dialogue between Dr Dean-David Holyoake and Eva Golding on the underpinning philosophy of the SF approach.