Diploma Course

Change Diploma in Solution Focused Practice

Length of Course: 60 hours that includes guided learning, mentoring and supervision.

Course Date: 2018
Dates for the four units:
Unit 1 – 20th January
Unit 2 – 10th February
Unit 3 – 24th March
Unit 4 – 12th May
Unit 5 – 30th June

Course Aims
To guide learners along the process of becoming SF practitioners by combining theory with practice that will enable the learner to use learnt skills and knowledge in real-life counselling as part of the course which will be supported by engaging in mentoring relationships and receiving input from supervised sessions.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the course you should be able to:
• Competently engage in counselling sessions using the SF approach
• Manage counselling sessions as a professional SF counsellor
• Interact constructively and creatively in supervision sessions
• Uphold the integrity of being a counsellor

Who is the Course for?
Anyone wishing to further develop their counselling skills or to advance their career, or who wish to explore using the SF approach.

Do I need any knowledge, skills or qualifications?
You need to have the certificate level in Solution Focused Approach or the equivalent experience and skills at that level.

Will I gain any qualifications?
On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a Change Birmingham Brief Therapy Diploma in Solution Focused Approach.

How will I learn?
Through Trainer input, group discussion, mentoring, supervision feedback and real-life counselling.

What could this course lead to?
It will lead you to be a SF counsellor and practitioner, with which you could:
• Further your study with other education providers
• Establish yourself as a counsellor who specialises in using the SF approach
• Be part of the voluntary counsellors’ team at Change Birmingham Brief Therapy
• Specialise in youth or couple counselling by furthering your training at Change.

The duration of the course is 60 hours which includes guided learning, mentoring process and supervision sessions. It consists of 4 interconnected units which are as follows:

UNIT 1 – The Practicing SF Practitioner

This unit will involve the learner in a mentoring and supervision process. A mentor will be allocated with whom the learner will be guided through many sessions of real-life counselling as observer and trainee counsellor. Learners are required to attend monthly group supervision sessions and participate in feedback and discussions.

Duration of unit:
approximately 32 mentoring hours and 10 supervision hours.

A minimum of 32 hours participation as observer and trainee counsellor in counselling sessions with a mentor. The hours might extend depending on the mentor’s judgment of the trainee’s performance.

You are also required to attend a minimum of 10 group supervision sessions.

UNIT 2 – The person of the SF Practitioner

This unit explores how SF knowledge influences the personhood of the SF practitioner in relation to self, clients, colleagues and the world as a whole. It also develops an understanding why the SF skills used in these interpersonal relationships are the spontaneous expression of a SF practitioner.

Duration of learning session:
One learning session of 6 hours

Minimum of 8 reflective journals

UNIT 3 – The developing SF Practitioner

This unit will look into the practicality of being a professional counsellor. It will touch on client management, managing a session, mentoring relationships and supervision provisions.

It will also touch on keeping informed about other related service providers and organisations i.e. funding bodies and professional bodies such as BACP for dealing with counsellor accreditation.

Duration of learning session:
One learning session of 6 hours

Minimum of 5 journals on the feedback of supervision sessions

UNIT 4 – The Experiencing SF Practitioner
This final unit is for all learners, mentors and trainers to come together to reflect and give feedback on their learning and experience over their entire learning/training journey. The aims are for them to learn from each other’s journey in acquiring the skills and knowledge, and to improvise the shared experiences and insights to further develop the SF model.

Duration of learning session:
One learning session of 6 hours

One Learning Statement.

Course Fee:
The course fee is £1900 which can be paid in full or by installment of £250 per month spreading over 8 months. Mentoring and supervision costs are included in the fee.

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